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Welcome to the Cornell College Body Dissatisfaction and Eating Disorder Research Laboratory. Our laboratory is devoted to examining the biological, psychological, and sociocultural correlates of body dissatisfaction and eating disorder symptomatology. We are also interested in developing and testing eating disorder prevention paradigms.

About Us

Our laboratory was developed in August of 2005 and is located in the Department of Psychology at Cornell College. Our Principal Investigator is Dr. Melinda Green who is an Associate Professor in the Cornell College Psychology Department. Our team consists of Dr. Green and 2-6 undergraduate research assistants who are currently enrolled students at Cornell College.

Our team publishes regularly in peer-reviewed journals and presents at local, regional, and national conferences. We have received both internal and external funding for our reserach pursuits. Our reserach focus is interdiscplinary. We regularly draw upon concepts and methodology from the fields of physiology, biology, and kinesiology. We also frequently collaborate with professionals from other disciplianes. We are currently collaborating with Dr. Jennifer Fagenbaum and her research team in the Cornell College Department of Kinesiology to examine autonomic dysfunction and neuroendocrine dysregulation in women with bulimia nervosa. In the past we have collaborated with Dr. Norman Scott and Dr. Susan Cross in the Department of Psychology at Iowa State University.